Launching conference

We went to Dragasani on  11 th of June for our first conference at the city’s library.

There, we presented our project and ourselves.




We listened to the conclusion of two projects one on the Leonardo Da Vinci program, and the other was an EVS just like ours.

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We also got to see the launching presentation of our fellow volunteers from Dragasani, whose project is starting at the same time as ours.

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The conference was attended by young people from the community, youth leaders, local authorities and media representatives.



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School Activities

Hello everyone!

On Wednesday, 18th of June we had activities at a school in Ursi village.

These were our first school activities and it was full of wonderful  feelings .



We were 10 volunteers from different projects and we were divided into two groups to make the activities more easily. We prepared different kinds of activities in advance: Dominoes, puzzles, coordination games, music, videos and other things.



Singing with children


Name game


Sport activities









Happy children


As I said before, it was our first time doing activities at a school and it was really nice, plenty of emotions, and the children gave us positive energy.

At the end of the activities, we received presents from children. To tell the truth, we didn’t expect it, and all of us were very happy!

It was delightful!



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Our Intercultural Evening

When we arrived here, as all volunteers do, we had an open event where we shared our cultures.

From Armenia we got to see the history, culture, traditional food. Tatevik showed us the armenian alphabet, and some places to visit in her country.


From Georgia, Ani talked about the Georgian alphabet, the traditional foods, clothes and dances. We saw some beautiful places to visit and listened to traditional music.


From Portugal, Cátia showed us some interesting places to visit, some fun facts about the country, the language and the culture and presented some of the traditional foods.

10474863_607804112651163_783144708736076889_n 10481984_1424957227785169_7802785399166108299_o

All of us prepared delicious traditional food. Tatevik brought and prepared us traditional bread called “Lavash” and roasted meat and vegetables called “Xorovats” from Armenia. Ani gave us some “Khachapuri” a cheese filled bread, caramelized grape juice filled with nuts called “Churchkhela, a bitter fruit based leather called “Tklapi” and “Chacha” an alcoholic drink from Georgia. And Cátia made a cream based sweet pastry called “Pasteis de Nata” or “Pasteis de Belém” from Portugal.




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Training in Drăgășani

From  10th to the 12th of June we had training with “Think Green” project’s volunteers in Drăgășani.

On this training we received information about the Youth in Action Programme, what does it mean be EVS participant, Activity management, Activity life cycle and the different parties involved. The sessions allowed us to share expectations, motivations and fears.

We also got informacion about the rights and responsibilities of all the promoters,Have  received guidance on crisis management.

we played a lot of non-formal educational games and energizers  to get know each other better, also games which encouraging team building, problem solving and so on.

It was really good as you can see in the pictures:

_MG_1447 _MG_1466 _MG_1479 _MG_1506 _MG_1515 _MG_1523 _MG_1527 _MG_1562 _MG_1566 _MG_1597 _MG_1620 _MG_1652



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What is YVRE?

logo copy


YVRE (Young Volunteers for Rural Entrepreneurship)

YVRE is an EVS group project, which will be held in five rural roma communities from Valcea County (Romania): Valcea lui Stan, Bolovanu, Lunca, Valcea Cheii, Vladesti and Goranu. The themes of the project are: “ Roma communities” and “ rural/ urban development”.
We are volunteers from 3 different countries: Portugal, Georgia and Armenia.

Our project started  1st of June and it will have a duration of 12 months.

The activities we are going to have are:

  • organizing workshops of painting, drawing, informatics, photography, film and communication for roma pupils from rural areas;
  • organizing outdoor and sport activities for pupils and young roma from rural communities;
  • organizing information campaigns  of young roma about European construction;
  • organizing a traditional festival of the roma communities;
  • organizing activities to combat poverty and marginalization.

It will be very interesting, so wish us Good Luck! 🙂

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